Peer Review Process

General rules:

  1. The journal adopts a double-blind review process. Both authors and reviewers will be given no access to identify of the reviewers (for authors) or authors (for reviewers).
  2. Articles will be assessed by reviewer(s) who have relevant expertise and field of research with manuscript
  3. The final decision (acceptance or rejection) will be determined by the editorial boards considering the results of reviews
  4. There are no correspondences between authors and editors regarding the manuscript rejection. Review results and reason for rejection will be informed to authors.


Peer Review Process:

  1. The authors submit a manuscript.
  2. The editor in chief assigns a section editor to handle the manuscript.
  3. The section editor checks whether the manuscript fulfills the minimum criteria of the journal requirements in terms of the topic (suitable to the scope of the journal), word length, plagiarism, references, format, and language.
  4. If the minimum criteria are fulfilled, the section editor will assign a minimum of two relevant reviewers to review the article.
  5. The reviewers submit the report to the editor.
  6. The section editor notifies the authors about the review results.
  7. If any revision, the authors do the correction and resubmit to the journal.
  8. The section editor assigns the same (or can be different) reviewers to re-check whether the revision has been done in accordance with the reviewers’ comments. The journal allows up to 2 rounds of reviews.
  9. The editor in chief makes the final decision after review and revision have been done.
  10. Manuscript is sent to the production processes.


The journal editor considers the comments from reviewers for the final decision. The decision of the manuscript is grouped as follows:

- Accept submission: if the manuscript will be accepted without revisions

- Revision required: if the manuscript will be accepted after minor changes according to reviews

- Resubmit for review: If significant changes are required in the manuscript. The second round of reviews are needed for possible acceptance

- Decline submission: if the submitted manuscript will not be published in the journal.