Peer Review

Peer Review Process

This journal uses a double-blind review, which means that both the authors and reviewers' identities are kept hidden throughout the review process. The requirements are based on technical content, format and clarity. For this journal, authors will make sure that the papers submitted use the template. Three assessment processes are in place: a) initial evaluation (review), b) peer review and c) recommendation.

Initial Evaluation

The Section Editor reviews the manuscript in the submission track to decide if its subject and content are suitable for journal consideration before review. Papers are returned to the writers who do not meet minimum requirements. It is in the writers' best interest who may then seek to either correct the issues or send the manuscript to a more suitable venue, preventing delays arising from a lengthy review process that would potentially lead to rejection.

Peer Review

The manuscripts passing the Section Editors' initial examination, based on their experience, will be submitted to many referees. At least two referees study every paper. The referees are asked to review the manuscript based on its originality, methodological soundness, research design, and relevance to design practices. Referees are asked to complete their reports and include individual feedback within two weeks to encourage timely publication. The Section Editors give a decision on the manuscript's acceptability after receiving review comments from the referees.

Acceptance Decision

The Section Editors take a final judgment on the acceptability of the manuscript based on the referees' suggestions. Reviewer status reports will classify each paper's reviewers, the final decision every be "Accept Submission," " Revisions Required," or "Decline Submission." The updated version will be submitted, taking into account feedback from the study.


The authors should check the submitted manuscript to ensure that it has fulfilled the requirement of publication standard for ARSTech Journal, i.e. the similarity index must be less than 20 per cent compared to other sources, and the similarity should not exceed 5 per cent of each reference.

Duplicate submission

There is no tolerance for submitting the same manuscript at the same time to different journals. The article will be removed without any consideration.