Aims and Scope


Applied Research and Smart Technology (ARSTech) is a peer-reviewed journal, biannual international journal that promotes the development and application of smart technologies in various sectors, such as mechanical & materials engineering, automotive & manufacturing process, energy conversion & renewable energy, robotics, mechatronic & artificial intelligent, chemical & biomedical engineering, marine & aerospace technologies, transportations, infrastructures and environment. Smart technologies offer practical and sustainable solutions in the modern life of humankind by employing the latest technological advancements.


The journal presents and disseminates new developments and the latest findings in all fields of engineering and technology, especially those that contribute to the implementation of smart technologies. The topics covered by the journal include but are not limited to:

  • autonomous systems, mechatronics and robotics,
  • control systems in automobiles and intelligent transport systems,
  • smart structures, materials, and metallurgy
  • nanotechnologies and advanced materials in engineering application,
  • sustainable and green buildings,
  • green technology and industry 4.0,
  • IoT-based systems,
  • sensor network,
  • artificial intelligence and smart grids,
  • biomedical engineering,
  • bioenergy technologies,
  • design and development of automotive technologies and manufacturing process,
  • vehicle modelling and safety,
  • modelling and simulation (CFD) in engineering application,
  • vehicle design and aerodynamics,
  • applied mechanics, structure and manufacturing technology,
  • material processing and technology for vehicles and other mechanical use,
  • coatings technologies in engineering application,
  • engine technologies and development for vehicles and other engineering application,
  • hybrid and electric vehicle technologies,
  • vehicle braking and suspension systems,
  • thermodynamics application in engineering application,
  • combustion and reacting flows in automotive and other engineering application,
  • applied heat and mass transfer,
  • fluid and thermal engineering,
  • heating and cooling systems (HVAC) in vehicles and engineering application,
  • fuels and lubricants in automotive engineering,
  • development of energy conversion and conservation,
  • new-and-renewable energy, and alternative energy in engineering application,
  • fuel cell and solar energy,
  • the engine technology and emission control,
  • automotive pollution and control,
  • vehicle motion and control systems,
  • noise and vibrations control,
  • pneumatic and hydraulic systems,
  • tribology in engineering application.


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