Publication Ethics

SUHUF is published by the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta and is intended as a communication medium and forum for developing Islamic studies. It contains scholarly writings, particularly those relevant to the fields or departments pursued by the Faculty, namely the Department of Islamic Education, Shariah Economic Law, and Quranic Studies and Exegesis.

Additionally, as a specific feature, Suhuf includes synopses of religious research, summaries of theses and dissertations, and speeches. Therefore, the editorial board invites scholars, researchers, observers, and knowledge enthusiasts to write critically and responsibly.

Publication Ethics for Journal Editors

Editors are responsible for everything published in the journal after seeking the agreement from the editorial board. Editors should also measure the quality of the material they accept for the journal and a willingness to publish corrections and clarifications when required; include the legal requirement related to defamation, intellectual property, and plagiarism.

  1. Editors should act in a fair and balanced way when carrying out their duties, without discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious or political beliefs.
  2. Editorial team members should not reveal any information related to the article without the author's consent.
  3. The editor should return immediately of any article fail to be published in this journal and not to be used for personal purposes.
  4. Editors should provide guidance to authors and reviewers on everything that is expected of them.

Publication Ethics for Revieswers

Reviewers assist editors in making editorial decisions on submitted papers/articles:

  1. Reviewer is responsible for the review recommendations.
  2. Review of paper is done objectively and supported by clear arguments.
  3. A reviewer is responsible for quotes, references, and plagiarism for articles reviewed.
  4. Reviewer keeps the confidentiality of information for personal gain.

The Responsibilities of Author:

  1. The author must present his or her article of thought or research, honestly, and without plagiarism, and data manipulation.
  2. The author is responsible for the submitted confirmation of the articles that have been written.
  3. The author must comply with the requirements of the publication in the form of originality of the work, not plagiarism, and the paper/article has not been published in other journals or publications.
  4. The author points out the references of the cited opinions and works of others.
  5. The author writes the paper or article ethically, honestly and responsibly, by applicable scientific authorship rules.
  6. Authors are prohibited from sending/publishing the same article in more than one journal or publication.
  7. The author does not object if the paper goes through editing without changing the substance or basic idea of writing.