About the Journal

Indonesian Journal on Learning and Advanced Education (IJOLAE) is an open-accessed and peer-reviewed scholarly international journal published by the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta Indonesia in collaboration with Indonesian Educational Expert Association.

IJOLAE focuses on:

  • Advanced Education and Learning;
  • Challenging Education and Learning;
  • Character Education and Learning;
  • Distinctive Education and Learning;
  • Education Management Inovations;
  • Enterpreneurship Education and Learning;
  • Innovative Learning Design;
  • Learning Methods on Teaching Values;
  • Literacy of Education, Sains, Learning Technology;
  • Political Legacies and Critical Education;
  • Professional Development Teaching;
  • Progressive Education and Learning; and
  • Other Issues Innovations Education from an Excellent International Educational.