Peer Review Process

The review process in Biomedika is double blind peer-review. The editor will make sure that no authorship information of the reviewed paper  will be provided to reviewers, nor it is the reviewer's identity would be provided to the author(s).

Peer reviewers are entitled to provide the authors with some feedbacks to foster the quality of the published manuscript and editors for the decision making of editorial policy in accordance to their respective expertise.

Peer reviewers should inform the editor about the willingness to do a review on the manuscript to be published. If unwilling, peer reviewers must notify the editor.

Peer reviewers must take hold on the principles of objectivity and avoiding personal criticism against the author of the manuscript during the review process. All comments must be accompanied by clear and supportive suggestions.

Peer reviewers are not allowed to use unpublished manuscript material for personal use without the prior written consent of the author, under any circumstances.

The information and ideas contained in the reviewed manuscript is confidential and should not be distributed or used for personal gain.

In the process of review, the author and reviewer should not disclose any information about each other.