Focus and Scope

The scope of Media Mesin: Majalah Teknik Mesin is specific topics issues in mechanical engineering such as:

  1. Energy Conversion and Management
  2. Thermofluids
  3. Material and Manufacturing, and
  4. Design and Structure

Or specifically:

Material Synthesis & Process, Composite, Ceramic, Polymers, Metals alloys and compounds, Nanomaterials, Nanoparticulates and nanocomposites, Biomaterials, Tissue engineering, Advance materials, Smart materials, Mechanical Properties, Corrosion, Materials computation and design, Surfaces and coating technology, Material characterization,

Heat and mass transfer,  Nanofluids, Internal combustion engines, New and renewable energy, Energy engineering and management, Bio-fuels, Fuel cells, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fuels and combustion, Turbomachinery, Fluid powers, Heat powers, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Membran technology, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Aerodynamics, Propulsion and Aircraft Design, Chemical process.

Mechanics of material, Tribology, Fatigue and fracture mechanics, impact mechanics, Computational mechanics, Bio-mechanics, Solid mechanics, Machine design, Applied mechanics, Physics of solid.

Manufacturing processes simulation, Advanced machining, Non-conventional machining process, Laser processing, Precision machining, Sustainable manufacturing, Rapid prototyping, Additive Manufacturing & 3D product modeling, Casting, Metal forming, Product and industrial design, Ergonomics, Industrial optimization, process planning, supply chain management, operation and production.

System dynamics and simulation, Instrumentation and control, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Machining, Computer Aided Engineering, Computer Application in Engineering Education, Automation, Mechatronics, Robots, CNC, Bio-engineering, Precision Design Engineering, otomation and robotic technology, software and hardware engineering.