About the Journal

Jurnal Jurisprudence is an academic journal published twice a year by the Magister Law Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. This journal was first published in 2004.  JJR is used as a medium for communication, information and legal development in the form of studies in the field of law. The focus and scope of this journal is the ratio decidendi from developing countries. The legal reasoning of a judge's decision in court can be from the perspective of criminal, civil, commercial, customary, religious and state administration.

Two points of substance that must be present in the article according to the scope are:

a. (Issue) Case position regarding the description of legal facts in the decision.

b. Description or discussion of the judge's considerations along with the verdict.

In addition, to carry out its function as an opening bridge with other parties in the wider community, open journals accept contributions from experts from other disciplines whose focus and scope are in accordance with the provisions of the journal.

Since Volume 2 Number 9 of 2019, Jurisprudence Journal has been accredited by the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology and indexed by SINTA with S2 level.