Author Guidelines

The journal seeks original papers that contribute significantly to knowledge in education  disciplines particularly in the area of school and classroom action research. Early in the paper, the author should describe clearly and precisely the issue addressed, and explain why the paper is considered a significant contribution to the literature on its subject. Manuscripts can be written in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Received manuscript suitable for consideration are sent to two or more reviewers for further assessment based on the following criteria:

  1. Of interest to a significant proportion of the Journal’s readership.
  2. An original contribution of scholarly or policy significance.
  3. Shows adequate familiarity with relevant literature.
  4. Data, methods, and design are appropriate to objectives.
  5. Conclusions are convincingly justified.
  6. Structure, length, and quality of writing are satisfactory.

If the editors consider that a paper does not adequately satisfy these criteria, it may be declined without being sent to reviewers.


Editorial requirements

The papers collected must be in accordance with the writing guidelines in Jurnal Penelitian Tindakan Pendidikan (JPTP). The length of papers at least 3,500 - 5000 words consisting of introduction, research method, results and discussion, and conclusion. For more detailed information, author should download Jurnal Penelitian Tindakan Pendidikan (JPTP) template.

A signed Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA) should accompany the manuscripts submitted by online through online submission interface (upload as supplementary files). Download the CTA form here