Focus and Scope

The Journal of Islamic Economic Laws is intended to be a media for disseminating results of researches and an exchange of Indonesian scientific work among academics, practitioners, regulators, and the public. The Journal of Islamic Economic Laws covers a variety of research approaches, namely quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. The Journal of Islamic Economic Laws focuses on various themes and  topics related with in Islamic Economics from its legal and economic aspects. 

Legal Aspects in Islamic Economics :

Muamalah law, Sharia banking regulation, Islamic Insurance and reinsurance Law, Regulation of zakat, Islamic Law guarantee, The law of Sharia financial institutions, Islamic Business law contract, Islamic Legal endowments, Islamic Laws of electronic transaction, Halal Certification, and Regulation of Halal Tourism.

Economic Aspects in Islamic Economics :

Islamic Banking and Finance, Islamic Small and Medium Enterprises, Islamic Microfinance, Islamic Macrofinance, Islamic Financial Institutions, Islamic Insurance, Islamic Philanthropy Organizations, Halal Industry, Islamic Marketing, and Halal Tourism Economics.