Author Guidelines


  1. Manuscripts are self-written writings that can be in the form of: a summary of research results, or literature review which is added with thoughts on its application in certain cases, which have not been and will not be published in other print media.
  2. The manuscript is written in Indonesian or English using the MSWord Program with the letters Time New Roman 9. The length of the manuscript is about 5 - 10 pages and is typed in 1 space. Manuscripts can also be sent in file-folder form (MSWord-2003) to the e-mail address:
  3. The page setting is 2 columns with equal column and the distance between columns is 5 mm, while in Abstraction 1 column.
  4. The margins are 22.5 mm for the top, bottom and left borders, while the right is 15 mm. The width of the header and footer is 12.5 mm each.


  1. The beginning: title, author's name, abstraction.
  2. The main part: contains an introduction, research methods / methods, research results and discussion, and conclusions (and suggestions).
  3. The final part: a thank you (if necessary), a description of the symbol (if necessary), and bibliography.


  1. The title is in 2 languages, namely Indonesian on the first line and English on the second line which is placed 2 spaces below. The title in English is printed in upper / capital letters in bold with Copperplate Gothic Bo type with the initial font size for each word 14 and the following letters 10, while for the title in Indonesian, Times New Roman is used with the initial letter size for each word 14 and follow up letter 9, placed centrically to the left and right edge of the paper.
  2. The author's name is written under the title without a title beginning with capital letters, without the word "by", the order of the authors is the first author followed by the second, third and so on.
  3. Author and agency addresses, complete with street name and zip code, written under the author's name in Times New Roman, size 9, should be accompanied by e-mail address. (See example below)


  1. The abstract contains the core of the problem / research background, research methods / problem solving, and the results obtained; and contains no more than 300 words, type 1 space.
  2. The abstraction description is written in Times New Roman font size 8, placed centrically against the left and right edges of the paper with 1.5 cm left and right indents, written without indented at the beginning of the sentence.
  3. The abstract is written in two languages, namely English, followed by Indonesian. With the title Abstract and Abstraction using Arial Black font size 9.
  4. Abstract is equipped with Key words consisting of 3-5 words which are the essence of the abstraction description.


1. Each subtitle is written in Arial Black in size 9.

2. New paragraphs are written indented with an indent-first line of 0.75 cm, between paragraphs are not spaced.

3. For foreign words, it is written in italics.

4. All numbers are written with numbers, except at the beginning of sentences and whole numbers less than ten must be spelled.

5. Tables and figures must be clearly labeled and numbered.


1. For books: author's name, year published, book title (in italics), volume, edition, publisher, place of publisher.

Examples:  - Hetenyi, M., 1974, Beams On Elastic Foundation, 1st ed., Ann Arbor, The University Of Michigan Press, Michigan.

- Linsley, R.K., Franzini, J.B., and Sasongko, D., 1989, Water Resources Engineering, Volume 1, ed. third, Erlangga, Surabaya.

2. For essays in a journal: author's name, year, article title (written in vertical), journal / magazine name (written in italics), volume / volume, published number, month of publication, number of the beginning and end of the article, publisher, place of publication.

Example:  -  Abdurrosyid, J., Wibowo, G.J., and Nursahid, M., 2009, Scour and  Protection at the Downstream of the Type USBR-1 Weir Treatment Pond, Journal Civil Engineering Dynamics, Vol. 9, No. 1, January, pp. 27-37, Department of Civil Engineering UMS, Surakarta.

3. For proceedings in a seminar / symposium: author's name, year, article title (written in vertical), name of the meeting forum (written in italics), organizer, time, place.

Examples: - Jitareekul, P., Sunarjono, S., Zoorob, S.E., and Thom, N.H., 2007, Early life performance of cement and foamed bitumen stabilized reclaimed asphalt pavement under simulated trafficking. The International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies, University of Coventry, 11-13 June 2007, Coventry UK.

-Sunarjono, S., 2006, A Study on Fatigue Performance of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Stabilized with Foamed Bitumen. National Seminar on Civil Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Malang, December, Malang.

4. For thesis / thesis / dissertation: author's name, year, title of thesis / thesis / dissertation (written upright), thesis / thesis / dissertation writing (written in italics), name of the Faculty, name of the Study Program, name of the University, name of the City.

Example: - E. Cahyono, 2002, Analytical wave codes for predicting surface waves in a laboratory basin, Ph.D Thesis, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences Univ. of Twente, the Netherlands.

  1. Maintained the latest library, maximum of the last 10 years.
  2. Writing libraries: the first line is not indented, the next line is indented with a left-indent of 0.5 cm (see example above).


a. Table Creation
• The table title is placed above, left aligned with the left border of the table.
• The title of the table is written with a capital letter beginning, then it is written in small letters without bold.
• Tables are sorted in Arabic letters (1, 2, 3, 4, ............... etc.).
• Tables are written without column lines, and only three row lines (or four row lines).

b. Image Creation
• The title of the image is placed below, centric to the left and right edges of the paper (the left and right edges of the column), the second line of writing is parallel to the beginning of the title.
• The title of the image is written with a capital letter beginning, then it is written in small letters without bold.
• Images are sorted in Arabic letters (1, 2, 3, 4, ....... etc.).
• Images / photos / graphics should be in black and white.


The equation is written as centered, and has serial numbers in Arabic numerals. Example:

dv = 1.4093.ln(dh) + 0.859                                                 (14)