Peer Review

  1. Author submits manuscript to journal through our online journal submission system (OJS)
  2. The Chief-in-Editor will check the feasibility of the topic from manuscript for possible publication. Suitable manuscripts are submit to the editors for further processing. Inappropriate manuscripts will be rejected.
  3. The editor will check the completeness of manuscript components based on guidelines for author, suitability with templates, adequacy of references, originality of manuscripts by checking plagiarism, and checking the accuracy of language. Manuscripts that have met the requirements will be forwarded to a minimum two reviewers / advisory editors with double-blind process. While articles that have not been fulfilled will be sent back to the author for revision.
  4. Reviewers will assess the manuscript content based on their expertise by providing notes and comments. Then, reviewer gives the recommendation about manuscript status.

Based on the recommendation of peer reviewers, editor decides whether manuscripts can be published unchanged, minor revision, major revision, or rejected. For minor and major revision, the authors are requested to produce and submit a final version of the manuscript with the required alteration. To major revision, a final version of the manuscript will be resubmitted to the peer reviewers for reassessment. The peer review process begins anew. The editors approved the manuscripts for publication if no further changes.