Peer Review Process

The publishing process in the Jurnal Kesehatan is reflected in the journey diagram of the submitted manuscript. The relationship between Author, Editor, and Reviewer is also illustrated here. Each person has different duties and responsibilities. 



The author prepares the manuscript according to the Jurnal Kesehatan template provided. Authors need to pay attention to the following:

  1. List of references.
  2. Recognition of all research support institutions.
  3. No conflict of interest.
  4. Articles are not being processed/submitted to other journals.
  5. Ethical clearance (if it involves human subjects) or living things).

Authors can contact the journal editor if they encounter problems in the submission process or fulfill requirements.

Post-review process

The author makes improvements to the article with the input of the reviewers a maximum of two weeks after the decision to improve is received. After that, the article was re-uploaded via the website.


The author does a final proofread of the article that has been laid out to ensure that there are deficiencies or inaccuracies in writing the article's contents. Furthermore, the author can pay the publication fee with a predetermined amount.


The editor is responsible for providing an initial assessment of the article, including the journal's scope, readability, novelty, and ethical issues. If appropriate, the editor gives assignments to several reviewers to provide input to improve the article. Then, the editor decides on the article to the author (revised/rejected/accepted/resubmitted). The editor checks the completeness of the article that has been re-uploaded by the author after being corrected to proceed to the layout process. Articles laid out are sent back to the author for final checking before publication. Finally, the editor ensures that all authors have completed payment of the publication fee before the publication time is set.


Reviewers review manuscripts objectively and promptly. Manuscripts that are reviewed hide the author's identity and affiliation (anonymous review). Reviewers are responsible for focusing on the content and quality of articles according to the field they are involved in. In addition, reviewers inform about the right decision regarding the quality of the article, the confidentiality of information, and allegations of plagiarism. Reviewers are expected to complete the review process in 2-8 weeks.