Peer Review Process

Submitted articles to Benefit: Jurnal Manajemen dan Bisnis should adhere to academic integrity and ethical conduct. Prior to the peer-review, each article will go through a preliminary check which includes scope check and similarity check. Articles deemed to be out of Benefit's scope will be rejected. Articles which have more than 25% similarity level will also be rejected during this phase.

Each submitted article, which has gone through the first phase, will undergo a robust review process conducted by a minimum of two (2) reviewers per article. The appointed reviewers possess competence and expertise in the relevant fields. Benefit ensures that in every process of the review, the authors do not know who their reviewers are.

The time that would be required for the review is two months after the article is accepted. If there is a revision required, it is important to note that authors should respond to the reviewers' feedback within two weeks after the notice. If the authors do not respond after that alloted time, the manuscript will be rejected. After that, the authors are welcomed to submit their revisions under a new submission.